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Current Releases

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The aromatics of this Sauvignon Blanc are stunning: pink grapefruit, early white nectarine and a hint of lemon blossom. The wine itself is clean, crisp and refreshing with a beautifully bright acidity and great balance.
"I have to gloat when it comes to this wine, I'm really proud of it." -John Pepe
$19.00 per Bottle
Fog dancing playfully on the Laguna, enchanting aromas of spicy red fruit and the humbling grandeur of my Sweepstakes win has set the scene for a dreamy interlude of silky black cherries and oaky nuance. A tantalizing balance of raspberry and exotic black tea will prove there is no better way to free your senses. Swept away. 
$39.00 per Bottle

One of my few shortcomings is my inability to predict the future. Buf if the past is any indication, my charming union of rich berried fruit and distinguished vanilla oak will not only yield more gold, it will confirm my balanced layers of jammy poise are your most rewarding investment. The future's so bright I gotta wear shades. 

$33.00 per Bottle

Warm Sonoma sun pipercing through my deep red garnet body, facets of fuschia and hints of strawberry-rhubarb, plum, and violet frame a story rich with oaky complexity and jammy enchantment. A palate of vanilla clove and black cherry tobacco further illustrates that this is only a prelude to my delicious tale of indulgence. 

$33.00 per Bottle