' Pech Merle - Brand


Whether you’re being Flirtatious, are Smitten or have become completely Devoted, we are excited that you have chosen to indulge yourself with the romance captured in Pech Merle wines. 

Romance is defined as the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. This romance began when we were exploring the Lot River Valley in France and happened upon the prehistoric caves of Pech Merle. (The French pronunciation is “Pesh Mell”.)

We were captivated by a feeling of comfort in a place where families once gathered for shelter, harvested the land to feed their families, and through the unique documentation of their lives, they also created extraordinarily beautiful cave art. We stood there silently, transfixed by the simple drawings that brought back memories of our childhoods.  We stood there silently, each having the same reflection. 

We both grew up on or around farms and share a love for the land and for nurturing things to grow. On that day in France, we were filled with what could be called none other than romance and a vision for what we now call Pech Merle.

We carefully selected John Pepe as our wine maker because of his uncanny ability to locate the best fruit from the finest appellations in which each varietal is grown.  John too has a passion for the earth, is meticulous about the growing process and is sensitive to the elements in each changing season.   He is a master at the craft and his devotion to producing exceptional luxury class wines, is clearly signaled time after time by the awards to our wines.

At Pech Merle we have an alluring romance with each varietal wine we produce. We are constantly devoted to producing limited quantity, delicious artisanal wines, celebrating the passion from the vine to the emotion in the bottle.  We invite you to enjoy the pleasures we’ve bottled and, after your first taste, come to share our enthusiasm. 

It has always been our passion to share a glass of wine while enjoying the company of family and good friends. We encourage you to do the same with a glass of your favorite Pech Merle Wine.